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* We provide business and technology strategy, systems design, architecture, network infrastructure, application implementation, system integration and managed services. We believe in high CFD (Client Focus Delivery), and support our clients on-site throughout the entire project life cycle and provide services including strategy formulation, package selection and integration, testing, training (both end user and administrative) and after sales services.


* Data Link Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading LLC. are committed to raising the standard of IT (Hardware & Software) support to education sector (schools, colleges and universities). We offer Services for educational institutions to Cloud Integration and technical support.


As a part of our commitment to provide total solutions, Data Link deals in a wide range of hardware right from Desktops, Laptops, Servers to Handheld devices and peripherals like Laser Printers, Desk Jet Printer, Dot Matrix Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Web cams, CD/DVD Writers and LCD Projects.

Packaged Software

We sell packaged Software and software Licenses on Windows, and many other software. We are very strong in virus containment and eradication and use software extensively in our offices and can help you too bring down the total cost of acquisition drastically.

Structured Cabling

We provide structured cabling solutions for VOICE, DATA and Fiber, both Single Mode and multi-Mode. Our Engineers are trained in most leading brand like HUBBLE.

LAN / WAN / Security

We setup Local Area and Wide Area Networks and implements Security Solutions to prevent intruders, hackers and other mischievous elements. Our Engineers are Trained to Layer2, Layer3 and Layer 4 Solutions with Network Management Software.


Today, wireless LAN is fast becoming all-pervasive. At homes, a broadband modem connection is shared by multiple thro' wireless LAN. With increasing LAN speeds and reducing costs, business prefers Wireless LAN.

Rental Services

We offer PCs, projectors, 32” LCD monitors & laptops on rental basis.


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